You no doubt understand the pressing need that the children have here in México. I am you have heard about the unlucky situation that many children are dealing with living in this country, we would like to introduce you a Childrens place that is in need in México and we ask you please give us just a few minutes of your time by reading this paragraph or clicking the youtube link below which also tells the story. We thank you so much for your interest.

Casa Hogar Nuevo Amanecer is an orphanage for children. It was established in 2014 when the Director of the home, Mrs. Consuelo Gárnica and her husband Felipe moved there to take care of the children of these womens while they were in rehabilitation from drugs, so that the children could have the attention and food they needed.


About us

At that time, this orphanage started with just one child. However, as time went on, more and more children began arriving. Most of the children had parents who were suffering from addiction. Mrs. Gárnica and her family began to take care of the children by providing love, attention, food and education that the children had not received in their homes.

The original house was very small, and located in a very small and poor neighborhood of Ensenada, México. It had only two bedrooms and a very small kitchen. Another small room that was used as a living room. During mealtimes, it was the dining room ... At night, it was used as another bedroom. Within months, the need for more space became apparent and the children no longer fit in that small house. The children also lacked space to play outside, and so was not the ideal healthy environment for them.

Because of the quick growth the orphanage has moved to three different locations in the past three years, but none of the locations met the requirements necessary to give the children a decent place to live. The current location which is the fourth house is a very large place. Children have their own spaces, there is a large dining room where the children can do homework, a separate living room with a television and sofas, and a large play area and patio outside. The house is also located in a very safe and peaceful area.

Currently, we are renting the house ourselves but the owner of the property has offered to sell it to us, The sale price of the land and house accounts to about $80 per sq. meter. The property in total is about 3,000 square meters.

It is for all these reasons outlined above that we have started a fundraising campaign called “Meter x Meter,” and we would like to invite you to be part of this project. You can collaborate by sponsoring one sq. meter or two or however many you want to help us. Sponsorship can be any number of square meters and can be purchased by a company, a group, a family or an individual.

These children are so loving, even though their circumstances are hard. Many of them have been the victims of abuse and neglect, and even though they have not been in a world that has shown them much, they still remain hopeful and are so deserving of your generosity.

We extend an invitation to you to come and visit the orphanage and meet the children. Many of our children come to us through the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF), the child protective services of Mexico. These are children who for one reason or another, have been taken from their homes by the government. The usual reasons they come are for abuse and neglect. Other children are brought here by their own parents, because the parents cannot care for them or because domestic violence.

We see the change in these children after they have been with us for only a short time. They smile, play, love to go to school and have dreams for their futures, things they have never been able to do before. We do all this for the children because every child deserves a happy and healthy life. Our efforts to rescue and shelter all the children that have come to our Children’s home can’t take effect unless we have the support of groups like you that bless us in many ways.

We thank you in advance for any help you can give us. You can contact us in the email or phone below. We hope to hear from you soon, and thank you in advance for your attention and help.


God bless you!



Give attention and support to children and adolescents who have been victims of  violence, abandonment or omission of care because one or both parents are drug addicted and  are unable to give the  child a healthy development.  Also provide support to single mothers whom can not afford a place to leave their children because they need to work. 


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