If you are feeling in your heart the strong desiree to spend some time of your life doing ministry with children, we would be so happy to welcome you in the childrens place for any time that you are willing to!.  We are always looking for volunteers who wants to spend 2 or more weeks getting conected with the children. 

Group visits

If you are willing to do a visit with your church or group, simply send us a message through e-mail: nuevoamanecermx@gmail.com or contact us by the facebook page to set the dates!


The main part of the work is about taking care of the children by spending time with them and helping them in their basics needs; like taking a shower, putting pijamas, etc.  Depends of the ages you would  like to work with, groups can be under 6 years, 6 to 12y, and 12 to 18y. 


We expect all of our interns to be Godly people with a heart for children and a willingness to serve. We do not require our interns to have any specific training, but if you have experience in child care would be amazing!. Whatever skills you have, you can be an asset to us, but the most important thing is flexibility. Our lifestyle is very flexible here, and you may have to do a lot different things. 


Interns are welcome to come at anytime. Our greatest need is always during the summer months, but our doors are always open. The length of your trip is also entirely up to you. While some interns decide to stay with us for an entire summer, others stay for a month, or just for a couple weeks. Whatever your availability, we can probably accomodate your request.


We do not ask for any money, food and accommodation are  provided by the Childrens place.


Please send a motivation letter explaining why its your desire to serve with us to the e-mail nuevoamanecermx@gmail.com to submit your application.  You can also  contact us by direct message on the facebook page 


Then, we can set up your trip dates and discuss any other questions you might have!


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