Why to sponsor?

Childrens biggest need is for sure love, family and get to know that Jesus loves them! Fortunately we have the oportunity to be with them in their hardest moments of their lives, provide a home and a big family.  Unfortunately things in live are expensive, from the aliments to the school and healthy services. We would like to provide all the best for them, but some times it is just imposible because of the economic situation, and that's why in a big need and if it is in your posibilities we invite you to sponsor a Child, so you can be a constant support for their needs, and also build a strong relation with him through mail and also the opportunity of coming and visit him/her! 


 We would invite you to develop a relationship with your sponsored child. So he can realize that there is someone who is interested in his life and growth, and is an encouragement and inspiration for his life.

That's why we invite you to:

  • Send personal letters and notes to your child and he/she can write back!

  • Pray for your child and be part of that he or she will learn about Jesus and have the chance to receive eternal life and hope

  • Get updates on your child’s progress in school and other activities

  • Enjoy contributing to special ocasions for Christmas and birthdays.

  • Plan a visit to meet or spend time with your child.

Start here

1. Send an email  to receive information about the children


2. Make your donation through paypal

Download the file here


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